Model: (Click to see more) 56309: Ford Aeromax
Status: New built
Date: 27-Dec-2003
Comments: 5
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What else can i say but the wife, she is a star for this Christmas pressie so once again cheers Jane, it will be getting built as soon as i pluck up the courage to start it :0, by the way this was also in Moosey's loft.

UPDATE: 25/5/04 Just about finished now and looking mighty fine! ;-)




Build it, Build it, Build it, BUILD IT!!!!



Ho-HO-Ho.Was this the reason why Santa Claus didn't bring me a tamiya?? o

Bao Bao


How I admire you. My wife does praise my Ford Aeromax, but seems never going to buy me a kit. What a wife you have!!!



well my g/f bought me a full operation king hauler lol that was fun nice to see i wasnt the only 1 who got a decent pressie from the missus lol but i have 1 question hmmmmmmmmm WHY ISNT IT BUILT YET LOL or you could send t to me ill build it lol you might not get it back lol an moosey has shown great restraint lol



Nice Bugsy. You need a purple one though!

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