Model: (Click to see more) 58163: Rover Mini Cooper Rally
Status: Restored
Date: 3-Jan-2004
Comments: 7
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I traded this as a body set from Dunebuggy 71 ( Joachim ). I had it for quite a long time before I managaed to get a well used chassis to go with it. I since bought all the new tree's for the chassis so it's virtualy new. I just used the hardware ( axles, springs, screws etc. ) from the used car.
So it's basically a new built car. It took a while to get all the decals on. Some of them are a little silly and let the car down, like the front indicator stickers. These are basically impossible to get on straight but it looks OK.
It's a car that will never get run and I will build the Mini Cooper Racing I have to go with it. I will probably paint that in customs colours and use some of the Hop-Up decals I have, including the Union Jack roof : )




Very good job Bib ! Tamiya Mini´s are fantastic. I know the front indicator stickers problem and paint them now. Can´t wait to see your Custom Mini Cooper Racing.



Perhaps you can leave those indicators blank and put a orange led behind them that actually works?



The best of the minis IMHO and a great build Bib, well done on decals too must have taken ages to get em on!



That is one excellent looking mini.

Crash Cramer


It may have taken a long time, but the results are great. There are a few times I look at the pics(especially the head on) and forget the car is a model. I think it is the realism of the worn tires, it looks like it has been driven to a car show or two and then polished up to compete. Very nice, I think I might have to get one now.



Very good job; shame it's not going to be run, but I can understand why, you wouldn't want to scratch and split that body after all the hard work!



A mini lover like me! check my 4wd conversion, too!

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