Model: (Click to see more) 58136: Toyota Prerunner
Status: Extra info
Date: 6-Jan-2004
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Picture the scene - been saving the build for about a month, so I got something to do in Cornwall (apart from watch rain) over the Chrimbo holiday.

Christmas morning I came belting down the stairs, opened all my presents, put them on (jumpers, socks, CDs) and settled down to build.

Got everything laid out in the recommended fashion and started the task.

Diffs, suspension, dampers - all sailed thru, every last teeny ball bearing and gear accounted for - Then disaster!

NO MOTOR - Oh how I cried.
My parents brought me sweets, beer, more toys but I was inconsolable - How tragic to look forward to something for so long only to have to shelve it for two days 'til the shops open again to buy a motor.

All boxing day I just stared out the window, wishing the day away, so that the next morning I could make the 83 mile journey to the nearest shop to buy the powerplant for this lifeless lump of useless plastic.

The four hours stuck in traffic jams on the 27th seemed like a lifetime, but eventually we arrived.
Having set off at 4 a.m. to beat the 'sales' traffic, I had a two hour wait for the shop to open, but when it did, I rushed in like a kid in a toyshop (funny that) and purchased a gleaming star of a motor. I handed over my £70 (last one they had strangely enough) and rushed back to the car.

After waiting a further six hours for the clampers to arrive to free the car, we sped off , straight into everyone else going home from the sales.

As the RAC arrived to tow our now overheated car back home, I perked up a bit, obviously the sight of a recovery vehicle at 9-00 at night was enough to raise my spirits.
At 11-00 p.m. we finally got home, weary from our '5 minute' trip.

Once again I sat down, screwdriver in hand, happy in the knowledge I could now finish what I started, two and a half looooong days ago.


Chevy S-10 Body Left Tamiya thinking it was gonna be a Toyota ;) Small yet critical (kinda like the wife ;-)




Im SORRY, if you had just said i would have driven all the way down to Cornwall (yeh right ) but truly im sorry!



Just messin chap, was never gonna have a standard motor anyhow



Looking great, looks like fun, almost wish kept it an built it myself!



Woulda saved me £14 if you did



Great truck mate. even better story to go with it.


your parents sound like understanding people, nice story, great truck too



They should be, I been training them for 35 years Very little is true, just ragging Biggus



Great story, great truck!

Maxxed Ross


I know exactly how you feel mate. My first car was the Ford F150 version of yours and got it a few months before Christmas. I spent about a week of after school nights building it only to come home one day and find it GONE! My mum had hidden it 'till christmas! That was the worst month in my RC life but it was worth it!


Hey, it was first truck back in 98, been in Okinawa, Japan for a bit.....they dont have em here! Still my fav



here in sweden we dont have towing, just 'lapplisor' you can park anywhere (almost) and just get a fine.. nice story!

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