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Date: 8-Jan-2004
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Been toying with this for a while!

All started with a forum discussion about modified touring cars being used as 'works buggies', so decided to have a go.
Cheers muchly to MUD4FUN for the driveshafts that started it all off!

Designed the swingarms just before chrimbo, then had to wait for the machine shop to slot them in.
Steering rods etc. were turned by another chap, and it all came back from the anodizers today.
Not really 100% sure about the wheel/tyre combination yet, they make the car look too 'short' if you know what I mean, so may go with 1.9 touring car rims, with tires off the pre-runner (bought a few sets just in case).
Shocks are standard TB-01, but had to turn the shock mounts upside-down to get the right height. Also used spare mounts from the pre-runner to get a couple of extra mm!
Gearing is 16/55 (pinion/spur) with a 23t motor - haven't tested it yet, so not sure how long any of it will last ;)


Tamiya UK


Very Good ! but its a truck not a buggy. what body do you plan to put on it ?



Can't see that meself, trucks have solid axles, buggies have independant don't they?
'Specially as I plan to put a buggy body on it



I have no words for this, it's absolutely fantastic! If these any way to get those parts please let me know!



Andy, that is looking gorgeous! Maybe too much ground clearance!! compare that to my subaru bodied t'shots which have enough for pretty serious off roading? Try HPI super touring rims/tyres.



Wow, better seeing it now that its together, now then when do we get to see the action shots.



Been toying with smaller wheel/tyre already, will have to run it and see;
[Click here]

Maxxed Ross


I think they call this type of thing a 'truggy' - sort of a truck but sort of a buggy

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