Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Other
Date: 9-Jan-2004
Comments: 3
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I found this on Ebay on Dec 28th. listed as a Kyosho Burns DX proving the fact that if you don't know what it is find out before you list it on Ebay.

In the picks on Ebay it did not look near as good as it did when I opened the box this car is as close to a shelf queen as you could get. There are no sings of this car ever being ran in the dirt or outside it all. I mean the tires are almost perfect the bottom of the chassis has 8 marks in it , and the body has no sings of being rolled over during driving it.

The car came with full gear and I put a battery in it are it ran great it is even full ball raced. It has a few cool bits on it, it has the option house resitor holder witch is milled out of alum. and it also has a full set of Kyosho oil filled alum. shocks on it witch the rears are too long, and when the built the car they put the got some of the front and rear A-arm parts stwiched around that is why it has the wild camber. What you see in the picks is how it came out of the box when I opened it..

I have not made up my mind if I am going to paint it red like it should be or not?? What do you guys think??

Like New Built You Think




Paint it red...You can never have too many red cars...Nice Find!!!!!!!



Considering some of your recent acquisitions are you gonna paint this one pink too nice one Paul



Nice raider! I believe it has the 'turbo' raider shocks on it. I love raiders I have 5 of them including the rare turbo raider.

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