Model: (Click to see more) 47201: TLT-1 Rock Buster
Status: New built
Date: 9-Jan-2004
Comments: 4
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I have to admit, although i like the look of this kit, i was sceptical. Not sure about depth of chassis and the need for 'miniature' equipment and hop-ups.


Just looking through the box of bits there is a lot of familiar stuff. Shocks appear to be the hop-up Jugg version, motor is standard 540 size so you cna imagine what it could be replaced with-LRP truck puller for slow steady action or 10x1 for silly speed. The spur and pinion gears are the same as the TA04 so there will be choice (almost infinite) of gear ratios.

Central ball-diff is supported by ballraces but the axles are plastic bushings. Good news is they are standard 1150 size so no expensive micro ballraces needed. Even the cantilevers have the option of being fitted with 850 ballraces.

Wheels have standard hex drives so all sorts of combinations are possible-i have already tried the wheels and tyres on my toyota prerunner-they look awesome!

I think the kit may also prove popular with custom builders in the way the clodbuster did. The axles are excellent and i have already drawn up some plans for a 1/10 scale, XC size, rock crawler using these-just need to get hold of another kit!

Should have the completed pics in a day or 2!

Undressed! A heck of a lot of bits for such a small box!




Thank you for the exact description lik e.g. that the tires have the usual hex drives etc. You are right when you say that this will be popular amongst custom builders. I have a Jeep Wrangler body and soon hopefully a Rockbuster kit, guess what I will do?



awesome paint job mate! its looks the dogs wotsits!



I have to admit that I wasnt too impressed with the first look at these (the chassis seemed to low), Yours looks greatthough, and now the idea of a 1/10 scale rock crawler has my head spinning I will be looking forward to seing what you do with it And nice job on the painting!!

Maxxed Ross


There's a guy at my local club getting one for his son to match his full size TXT1. It'll be interesting to se how it copes with the rough stuff but it looks the part. Love the shell.

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