Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Extra info
Date: 17-Jan-2004
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I just picked this up this moring I went to a diecast toy show , and right as I walked in the door on the right on the floor in a box was this Clodbuster with a little tag that said '$30.00 OBO' so I asked the if he would take $20.00 and he said you bet.

Years ago I used to race with this fella and he asked if I was still in the hobbie and I said 'Well not realy' YA RIGHT so he is going to bring a box over of stuff from when he raced he has more parts for the Clodbuster and a Lunchbox,Fx-10,and Blackfoot can't wait to see what he brings..

Keep a watch out because I am going to restore this truck I almost have a hole truck in new parts trees wiating to be used..

Full set of alum shocks




Bargain of the century almost, chevy badged one too. Nice one Paul!



I spent more than that on paint and model glue today......Score Score Score WoooHoooo

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