Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 26-Jan-2004
Comments: 1
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Bought this for bugger all on Ebay, love it!! it is around 30 years old. The box description says the car has brakes and suspension with damping!! that surprised me at first so I checked the car.. see below what the 'damping' and brakes consist of... the brake is a rubber shoe that acts on the flywheel.. and the damping is friction damping at the rear, the spring is a leaf type on the right of the wheel.. and the dampiong is regulated by tightening a screw around the bit os plastic that 'damps'..very basic and funny...see below..
Am trying to get her running for snetterton, she deserves a run...need old type engine..
UPDATE: just found out this is actually designed to take an 0.19 or .20 aero engine as at the time made there were no specially made car engines about... anyone got one?

UPDATE: nOw has a veco .19 fitted.. but the cluch (unusual system) rubs on the clutch housing when the drum brake is applied. The problem is not with the bearing as i thought but with with the shaft it runs on, it is a roller needle bearing and the shaft it runs on is so worn it wobbles, this means when I apply the drum brake it pushes the drive cup back in contact with the clutch plates, thus transferring drive whilst trying to brake...
Anyhow in the unlikely case any of you have one of these shafts I have removed it, the third picture ..has it with the corresponding letters for measurements.. The crank shaft it screws into is 5mm more or less...

A: 12mm
B: 5mm
C: 28mm
D: 5mm

front suspension is by wishbone 'flex' The 'brake' 'Damping' courtesy of plastic arm




Personally I would find an old Veco .19 or K&B or something - still period but has the extra ballrace on the crank to handle the side-force created by the transmission ...or better still give the car to me for my birthday!

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