Model: (Click to see more) 88887: Any Tamiya RC Model not listed.
Status: New built
Date: 31-Jan-2004
Comments: 8
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Well guys - I have seen such a car at TC member 'Bao Bao' and decided: Absolut great idear - MUST HAVE! There you can see the result of 4 months building. I had used two (!) XC-Chassis, F-350 Body (Juggernaut - all holes closed) with Light Set, Lancia 037 wheels, Pajero tires, doorbords selfmade in aluminium polished, exhaust selfmade, LRP Truck Puller - now ready to run! This is capture #1: Will change the window into clear glasses, add wipers, number plates, antenna, do some experiments with LEDS für doorbords and backlights - so stay tuned :-)

You can call me 'Captain (electric) chaos' Lights are working (Juggernaut Light Set) exhaust on both sides (bad picture) Have opended and changed the drive shaft The beginning - Body and two chassis


Bao Bao


I am more than happy to see a brother of mine F-350. I love the exhaust. Great job, mate.



Another great job lads. Im on with one of these now and know how hard it is to get the paintwork and detailing this good. Well done again.



Awesome looking truck! Great job~

Maxxed Ross


These things look so cool. Think I might try to build one at some point.


FANTASTIC looking truck!! YEAH BABY!! I had a look on your web site and I cannot believe how good this pick-up truck looks. If only I had a small fraction of the modelling skills that you have! This is modelling and skills at their ultimate level. I LOVE the chrome wheels and chrome roll bar, talk about *bling* (!), and the lights are the icing on the cake. Excellent stuff, Top marks, very impressed!! Cheers, Alistair



GERMANY.....12 points



That is REALLY nice. I might have to start looking out for a Juggernaut body set myself now... By the way, we can see you - say cheese (can see your reflection in the bumper of the 3rd shot!).



Very Nicely done, looks Super realistic!

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