Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Project
Date: 14-Feb-2004
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Bought from ebay for a project. Having restored a standard Hotshot I want to build a race replica car as we used to race them. The suspension seems tight, with no more play than in new parts, so that takes care of Hotshot parts. Replacement chassis is a TMS original, NIP from a local model shop, and I am using an Associated RC10 servo saver (thanks to Jim Sourbeck) as it removes the huge amounts of bump steer in the standard setup. The chassis is held together with small metal angle plates which are not the best when it comes to making sure everything is square. They are also used to hang the batteries from, ideally using Schumacher battery clamps but more usually large tie wraps. Wheels will be replaced with Fox rears all round, with the fronts being modified to fit narrow tyres, this was a common modification to increase the width of the car. The adaptors for the wheels are home machined in nylon. I've also got a TMS Hotshot replacement body to fit over the top of it when it is finished.

TMS chassis fitted - note anti roll bar mounts Side view - metal angle battery mounts TMS chassis kit before fitting Original RC10 servo saver to remove bump steer Home made adaptors to fit Fox or Wild one wheels

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madbad jezza


hey terry, nice to see your clubman racer is starting to take shape!. looking good!.


Thanks James, still a long way to go to catch up with yours though.



that is going to be killer when your done....



I remeber finding that chassis lol!!!
looks cool

Crash Cramer


What ever happened to the bodyset??? I just got a re sparked interest in this model since there is a 'kit' for sale currently on TC. Thanks for any update.


The TMS body is also in my showroom.

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