Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Runner
Date: 14-Feb-2004
Comments: 1
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This is my Ultima that I raced in the 80s. It started life as an original Ultima with the alloy box chassis. Bought as a wreck, it was fully ballraced, but I had to replace every suspension part because they were worn that much. Another driver at my club ran a modified Ultima which handled really well, so I used his home made rear shock mount as a template for mine. Chassis is a Duratrax carbon fibre upgrade with seven slots as seven cell racing was taking off in the USA around the late 80s. Front brace added between steering linkage posts and the front suspension mount. Front shock mount is a Petes Awesome Products one. Front wishbones are Andys arms. Wing mount is from a PB Mini Mustang. Option House motor guard and shocks. Body, undertray and wing are Racecraft Optima Mid Custom parts, and everything is painted (no stickers!)




Nice ride Terry, I enjoy seeing all the stuff done to this Ultima,,, inspires me to finish my second one!

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