Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: New built
Date: 24-Feb-2004
Comments: 2
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Body is a HPI Lotus Elise body... I must admit I like the Tamiya bodies better... I was cutting excess and the lexan started to rip... Used 'Duck Tape' to reinforce the body from the inside.

The Paintjob:
Used Tamiya's Met. Purple ( PS-18 ) and multiple Pactra lexan paints for the splashes.

Don't know if I should use the original wing or a CF pattern wing. Prolly the original for now (not fitted in pics).

Some progress pics can be found on my server (

the side front




Not bad, not bad at all. Nice effect with the flames, it's like it has participate in the parade in Aalst this weekend I think our next race will produce some nice photo's...



24/02/2004 20:34:43
Just don't crash into it
Oh well... i'll prolly be crashing into a wall before you hit me

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