Model: (Click to see more) 99988: Losi
Status: Recent find
Date: 5-Mar-2004
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Got this from a local auction site for a good price. The car is in excellent working condition just showing normal signs of wear. The body is pretty ugly so i'm gonna see if i can find some better one.

I got loads of stuff with it, 7 battery packs, whole case of tires which all have almost no wear on them. I got spare chassis plate, shocktowers, suspension arms, 4sets of springs, many different sized pinions, spur gears in many sizes, Novak charger, 3 motors, Novak no motor limit ESC....and more and more.

This car is FANTASTIC! After cutting the comm on the motor, new brushes, some camber tweaking and putting a smaller pinion in, this thing is really fast and handles great! I love this car.

Now i just need a new body and some graphite parts :D

Not the best body..... Under the hood.... Got batteries? :D Need tires? lol

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