Model: (Click to see more) 58043: The Grasshopper
Status: Runner
Date: 5-Mar-2004
Comments: 4
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....because he knew I never worked on hard ABS shell or painted a driver like him before! To start with, I bought this Grassshopper complete with radio, battery and box at a very good price off eBay. As it came, the decals were starting to peel off and the shell turned yellow in parts. So I bought a decal sheet and started to redo the body. This was my first time working with hard shells so it really was a challenge. I primed the body using Tamiya's grey surface prime and then painted it with Pure White TS spray. When I was done I painted the roll bars but did it badly. Eventually I could not bear with it and stripped the shell again. The whole process was awful but I did gain a lot a experience from it. The decals were not too nicely applied so I had to position the tiny ones to cover up certain edges. Finally I applied Mr.Hobby's Gloss Topcoat. Oh well, it did not look too bad, did it? The driver looked a bit tense reflecting my true feelings when I was about to begin this difficult but enjoyable task :)




My drivers look tense also....hmmm wonder if this means something.... LOL....Nice Hopper!!!!!!



Looks fine from here 1/10th! Frank Evans looks more like he's gonna punch somebody though, perhaps he's getting in 'THE ZONE'



It's all paid off in the end. If we never start can we learn. You've done a good job. Fancy doing mine for me?!!



One of the more pleasing cars, due to the colors I think, when finished. We have most been there and done that and yours came out smashing! At least it didn't annoy you so much you pitched it and bought another shell and started over, done that as well! Good job!!!!

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