Model: (Click to see more) 58312: Blackfoot Extreme
Status: Runner
Date: 8-Mar-2004
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He's had a day off school, teacher training, so we set about building his Blackfoot today. He did most of the build himself under my watchful eye. I just double checked his work and painted the shell for him. He found the decals a little to tough (and I don't??) so I finished them, but then he is only 8. We fitted ballraces and an Msonik 27t ESC in place of the stock items. We will leave the stock motor in place until he has got the hang of it...These pictures were taken just after he had his first fun around the garden. He's happy and proud with his first build, as I am of him!! *Update* He can handle it quite well now so we have fitted a Sport Tuned Tamiya motor with an ESC to cope with it, quite a fast truck which does suprise me. Some pictures below show Nathan driving his truck at his Grandma's caravan in Tewkesbury over the Easter weekend. He loved the speed humps around the park, I wonder why?

That's my boy! Floating! With a fresh battery these were cleared easliy..




Day off school and a car to build! Days don't come much better than that!! Looks great!

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