Model: (Click to see more) 58089: Bullhead
Status: Other
Date: 22-Mar-2004
Comments: 3
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I built this truck for me mostly but it is my sons truck. He likes his bullhead that has the snow plow on it but it is too slow and is very unstable. He wanted something to keep up with my T-maxx or at least do better when we go to the sand piles to run them.

So I started with another Bullhead that I got off of ebay. Next big problem I think a Clod or Bullhead has is that is is too tall for how short it is, it looks realy cool like this but does not work well climbing so I found on ebay a Sassy Chassis that is streched 4 inches longer than the stock chassis. Then I moved on to the steering I put a ESC dual servo set up on it which puts the servo on the back side of the gear box, this set up works but I'll wont use it again there are better set ups out there and I have built my own servo mount like the ones RC4WD makes but different that will be finished soon for bolth Bullheads.

Now the best way to get power to the twin motors is of course the E-maxx's ESC so I got one of them off of ebay for $68.00 what a find a person would not believe what one of these does to stock motors it is unreal.After all this the small things like Team Bule Star bearings and a full set of E-maxx shocks off of ebay set up super soft and a T-Maxx 50's chevy pickup body with color changing paint and I also set it up so the body mounts are the same as my T-maxx so we can use all the T-Maxx bodys we have.

Well here is the latest mod to the truck!!It got a New Era 4 link kit it help a ton with twisting and for driving/jumping there will be many more mods to come..

A Few Bodies




So excited you had to tell us twice...! Seriously though, that does look good



Wheres the articulation shots, every monster truck should have at least one picture? Looks real nice tho.



That has mor metal in it than my real car!!! Looks Great!!!!!

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