Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 13-Apr-2004
Comments: 12
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I've re entered this car as theres been a complete change of plan, It now has a widened frot end
and chassis giving an extra 3cm at front, thats 215mm (8 1/2 inches) in total. The backend has also been pulled out 3mm each side to bring outer rear wheels in track
of fronts. This chassis is still a template for a carbon fibre 1 piece version.
I believe the MIP 4WD kit came before any producton 4WD model kit and this is the mark 1 version.
Gearbox has CRP 2 way gear diff, brass gears and full bearings, front gearbox bearings and 1 way MIP diff, making this assisted 4WD as power only goes to the front when required. If you want to revert and run the car as 2WD you can by removing the cable NEAT!!!
I've got a much cracked and repaired origional scorcher body for this one now and plan to match colour scheme with chassis, the drive cable seems impossible to tuck under RR body.
Thanks to the master of all things MIP (Shodog) I finally have rear swing arms so all the pats are there now, I've got some more tweaks and tidying up on the chassis bfore finalising>
Huge thanks mostly to Shodog & TWINSET and RCgrabbag for fantastic repro body parts and Volksrod for final bits & Pieces :-).
Soon I will update this description as the evolution does not seem to stop. The chassis gets longer/shorter and the back just gets wider with every new bit! One day its gota settle LOL.
Now in a good home and the most capable hands of mrlexan. & I'm not sure but I don't think he wants to sell it.

Body before resto




I don't have much words for this: that looks really cool. I'm very eager to see how this will turn out in the end - it's looking very promising already!



You have done well young Jedi! It looks tastefully modified and maintains all the looks that makes a scorcher so appealing. Look forward to it finished



Looking great, hope you will show us how it drives too!



Cool car. this one needs a vintage offroad paintscheme!!! hope to see it finished soon. (Y)



I love pushing the envelope and seeing other work of the same lot. Smashing!



Lookin gorgeous now mate, love the colour. Top job on the rear wings, glad you could make use of the spare bits i had. Top work.



Cheers Joe! and thanks for bits , would have taken forever otherwise.



Phil, this bug is shaping up to be a work of art



Wow that is really sharp. I am not a huge fan of the VW Bug but these Sandies are growing on me too. Hats off to lots of really cool (and rare) hop-up stuff on your buggy!

Ordo A.


Scorchio hahaha very funny!



That's a little gem, I love the cable 4WD, never seen one before. Some much flexibility to build what you like. Love it !



Just found this. Look really cool.You dont see many with all the period hop-ups. I am very intreaged to know how that 4wd cable system works? Cheers Marcus

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