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Date: 18-Apr-2004
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As some of you know, I like my flying toys as well as my trucks, cars and buggies. This afternoon it was a bit drizzly but I though what the hey I'll go for a fly with the Electreabeast. It's a heavily modified JP Electrafun with more poke, more strength and more stunt capability. Instead of my usual red-hot 9.6v NiMH I thought I'd run a 7.2v racing pack from a buggy. They are much larger and heavier than the tiny 9.6v packs I usually run and the lower voltage means less rpm, but 2000mAh vs 1000mAh = longer flights.

Well, Off I went, the extra weight and lower prop speed meaning climb was, umm, leisurely to say the least. Anyways after trimming the craft out I let it climb and climb and climb. I can fly to visual limits with this plane and today was no exception. I could just see the main wing but the tail was too small to make out. Bear in mind it's over a 1m wingspan and you get the idea. I'm guessing I was pushing 600-700 feet.

Suddely there was a problem. No control. PANIC...! Tx looked fine, battery strength good. No response from the aircraft at all. It was hard to see but I think it rolled onto it's back and basically came straight down with a slight spiral. I estimate the speed was comfortably in excess of 40mph. It disappeared behind trees what seemed like miles away.

I set my sight on where it went down and followed a straight line to the accident scene. Three VERY big fields later I saw the wreckage sticking out of the ground. The plane had buried itself some 8 inches straight into the ground. The motor had torn out of the fuselage, Receiver Xtal torn clean out of the board, prop sheared off, the battery connectors (standard Tamiya) had been smashed and the ESC, well, the ESC looks fine...! Amazingly my super-strength wing did not break, Electrafun flyers will know what a feat that is...!

I still don't know what happened. I'll have to clean it up now. Definitely a BIG radio failure as even when it came down (and hence nearer) there was no response. Anyways, check out the pics for damage...!!!

Fuselage... Closeup shows where the canopy was torn off... You can see the motor ripped off inside... Mangled electronics... Looks nasty - it was...! Smashed connector too...




Ouch!! At least the ground was relatively soft after the rain. On the upside at least the tail end looks re-useable.



now THAT would of made a good movie !!!



I feel your pain, I had a .21cu in glo-engined plane which I had at about 250 feet when it decide to nose dive into the ground at full throttle!! The whole thing was smashed to bits!! I had to dig the engine and nose out of the ground it was about 3ft in!!



I also have an electro powered plane which I recently flew in the netherlands. Luckily I had no serious crash, but I can imagine how helpless you must have felt seeing your plane ramming itself into the ground and not being able to stop it.



hi roop check my showroom under misc! I promise it'll make you feel better

Brat Attacks


Bit more impressive than a buggy running out of range and l now see what you mean about planes and their landings.

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