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Date: 27-Apr-2004
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Question 1 : What do you get when you cross a King Blackfoot chassis and gearbox, Monster Beetle shell and front suspension a Reedy 12x1 and a 3300NIMH pack ?
Answer : A very quick fun machine !
Question 2 : What do you get when you use the aformentioned car on the local skate park ramps ?
Answer : See the pics below !
I have had this project on the back burner for a while now and on Sunday I decided to get it finished. I threw in some radio gear and then bolted up a freshly skimmed Reedy Ti 12x1 touring car motor for a bit of extra poke. I decided not to use the decent shell for the test run in the street and found this old beater in the bottom shed (it was marginally better condition at this time). I have had some quick cars but this really flew and would flip over backwards just like a WW2 with the slightest touch of the throttle and the top speed was awesome. The local hall that I race Mardave V12 in has a skate park at the rear and I just couldnt resist doing a few jumps. Well I did a few and the car landed well and still in one piece but then I got a tad carried away and had a crowd of people watching so I just had to show off. After the first couple of jumps the steering servo saver snapped and killed the servo so I just kept on lining it up for the big jump after that. Its an impressive site to see a Monster Beetle eight feet in the air landing on its roof with that satisfying crunch as it hit terra firma ;-) . Unfortunately I have no pics of the carnage, only the aftermath of the damage inflicted. Suffice to say I kept on ramping it until it stopped working and I now think I have killed the speedo, motor and servo but it was good fun while it lasted and the car will be at the summer drive ready to kick ass, might even repair the shell !

Ouch !




Excellent! Would have made a great video!



I bit of glue and sticky-back plastic and that shell will be good as new






Ouch!! that hurts just to look at.



Video would have been superb, maybe next time




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