Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Extra info
Date: 3-May-2004
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i put a cva shock in my pumpkin /lunchbox runner as the small axle springs had broke, my pumpkin gets a bit of abuse ;) it works really well and was easy to do.

1st i cut the hole in the gear case with a dremmel

2- i made up my shock to about 60mm (i think)

3- installed the gearbox to the cassis and marked where i
had to drill the hole for the mounting bracket

4- mounted the bracket

5- but the truck back together as usual

6- sit back have a mr kipplings and admire a job well done

1st thing cut the gear case easy with a dremmel make sure the spring fits install the gearbox to mark the hole put the braket on bolt it all together take it for a test drive

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