Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Extra info
Date: 6-May-2004
Comments: 4
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Just 'borrowed' these pics from the official website . Did well at the weekend in the stock class by qualifying 1st and winning the A final by a large margin.

I'm in the lead of the A final ! Different shell, but its me lapping a back marker Pink car painted for a mate and it won concourse Me getting my winnings, nice hat ;-)




Macca, what happened to the rest of you???



Well done DM, both for the A final win, and the concourse. With the quality of your paintjobs, I'm not surprised it won



Thanks guys. Stu, decided that I should lose some weight as it was hard getting clothes to fit, managed 4 stone so far !

Maxxed Ross


Well done daz. Really like the skyline shell but I don't think I'm that good yet

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