Model: (Click to see more) 58065: Clod Buster
Status: Restored
Date: 8-May-2004
Comments: 1
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This is the Clod I bought at a toy swap meet for $20.00 this winter. Well for my B-day my wife bought me a bunch for new parts from tower hobbies to redo it. To be totaly real the only used parts no it now are the gears and gear boxes and tires.LOL

The truck has a few hop-ups on it like ESP Alum. steering links insteed of the plastic ones and I used Bullhead shock springs insteed of the Clod ones cuz they are alot better looking I think, and also I used the Bullhead battery box for a little more 'BLING' and then I bought what I thought was the chrome trees for a Bullhead come to find out that they are tamiya chrome hop-ups for the Clod witch was very cool I thought! And then to top it all off a set of Jugg rims to top it all off..

Now with the paint I am going to go with a pearl white cuz I realy link the white and I also have another body with the 'Chevy' tailgate and gril so I will paint that body stock with the stickers. I have radio gear out of a Tmaxx comming that I won for $20.00 for the 3 servos and reciver and all so that will go in there to run it..

Just The Right BLING When I Got It




very nice, i'm loving the chrome

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