Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: Runner
Date: 15-May-2004
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Last year a few days before Christmas I saw a Fox with BIN US60. I thought what a bargain and it was one of the cars that impressed me since '80s up to now. But then I was very disappointed when it finally came over 1 month later (surface mail from US). The steering parts were all missing and so were many other tiny bits...

So I started to look for spare parts from the bay, thought I would just need a few, stick them on and readily have a nice used runner...

Whilst I was searching for the parts, I realized I wanted more than I really need, so I changed my mind and attempted to collect as many new parts as possible... I was hoping I could have enough new parts to build a very nice Fox.

Yet the chassis, front arms (F tree) and rear oval block tires are really rare and could easily cost over 40 or 30 respectively... This isn't reasonable and I finally decided I shouldn't bother anymore... So I simply reused the old chassis and front arms.

I have bought many new parts thru. eBay but also from the helpful members here including Airxtreme, Twmaster, walawala_com, and Jason from Japan. What is more, Tamiyamandan has kindly donated many new parts to me, so Many THANKS my buddy!




WOW Gary, That car looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

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