Model: (Click to see more) 58085: Avante 2001
Status: Project
Date: 21-May-2004
Comments: 7
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Got this off professorslot for a good price, needs some TLC. One of the rear hubs is broken and a few parts are worn but I am delighted with this. Lovely model engineering which is a pleasure to look at. Will be doing some performance tests with this soon but even if it isn't much faster than a Terra Scorcher it is infinitely more beautiful.

Modifications to be made are:

HPI Chromed wheels and new pin spikes, 8.4v pack, Dyna Run super touring motor, new ball diffs, new shell, Mtroniks sport Max ESC and teflon bearings and aluminium shocks.

UPDATE 24/5/4 After a few minutes driving I discovered this isn't the most robust of buggies, it is in fact utter rubbish. You can't abuse this like you can a thundershot. Broken 3 rear hub/uprights and 1 front suspension arm in just 15minutes driving!!! Motor is a pig to get in and out. Center diff is silly and needs locking up before using a hi-po motor.

Now running a Dyna Run super touring motor, 8.4v pack. I have also fitted a JP high torque servo which gives lightning fast steering which is a mistake on this car as the stock steering is already quick! The car drives very like my group C car, very fast and on the edge ;-)

UPDATE 10/6/4 - Stripped and sprayed shell, loads of problems with it so in the end rather than s*****ping the shell I had to paint it on the outside and lacquer it, doesn't look too bad but no good as a runner. Fitted longer rods to the stock shocks and changed damper oil etc. Fitted Egress rear shocks.

UPDATE 11/10/2004: I've been running this alot recently and I'm growing to like it more and more. No damn good on rough tracks but on the local car park it eats touring cars :-) What amazing cornering speeds you can achieve! I've strengthened the suspension a biot to help on off road running but it still breaks uprights with alarming regularity even on relatively smooth grassy fields. However, this thing jumps very well. The 8.4v pack seems to make the balance just perfect and it lands almost flat but rear wheels first which is ideal as the front has no travel. Despite the reliability problems it is a firm favourite of mine.

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Definetely a beauty in those colours and with those wheels!



Like the HPI wheels, have a set on my 911. Have had to do the 'outside' paint job too, looks great. I am affraid they are shelf setters!



Cheers for comments guys, this is very much a runner though hence the 8mm dia alloy bumper! I have another Avante2001 which I'm restoring for shelf use - waiting on a shell....... the outside paint job has proved pretty hard and doesn't flake off any more than proper lexan paint done on the inside! It has had several coats of lacquer which probably helps



All I can say is WOW - That is very very purdu !...



Cheers Flerbizky, I'll take that as a compliment even though I have no idea what purdu means!


Are you intrested in selling or trading? Please let me know.



Sorry, I don't want to sell at the moment. Cheers, Ian.

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