Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
Status: Restored
Date: 22-May-2004
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It all started on 25/12/2002 when I bought a mint Monster Beetle chassis with a Blitzer Beetle body. The chassis was in very good overall condition, the Blitzer Beetle body was new but the tires were worn and the gold plated wheels showed signs of use.

I could use the Blitzer Beetle body for another project so I started looking for an original Monster Beetle body.

On 29/12/2002 I managed to get hold on a NIB Monster Beetle decal set. I started 2003 good because on 11/1/2003 I found a ball bearing set and on 13/1/2003 I managed to get a new Monster Beetle body.

I continued my search for parts and found a new A-parts tree on 7/4/2003 and on 2/5/2003 a new pressed parts bag was added to the collection of new parts. With a little bit of luck and for a correct price I got a NIB gold plated wheel set on 12/5/2003.

The only thing I was missing were new tires. I found these during the month of june 2003. From that moment on I started to work.

I complete disassembled the original Monster Beetle and started to rebuild it again with all the new parts. I only worked from time to time on it and it's probably the longest restoration I've done. On 14/5/2004 (after painting the last black lines) I considered the project officially closed.

I kept track of all the parts I gathered for this project and to give you an idea from where all the bits and pieces come I made a small list:

- Original chassis: Zwitserland

- Decal set: USA

- Ball bearings: USA

- Body: UK

- A-parts tree: Canada

- Pressed parts bag: USA

- Gold plated wheels: Germany

- New tires: Japan

If you live in another country as those mentionned and you have some NIB Monster Beetle parts and you want your country listed.... just send me the parts (for free) and I'll add your country to the list ;-)




Great restoration!



good job, looks mint

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