Model: (Click to see more) 58225: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V WRC
Status: New built
Date: 29-May-2004
Comments: 6
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Built this when new, as standard from the kit. Like the realism of the front mounted motor. It has Never even turned a wheel-just built for display purposes only as it took me so long to paint (I was very proud of my masking which meant I did not need to use the stickers which usually form the join between the red lower body and white top). All standard apart from adjustable upper suspension arms to get the right degree of negative camber. One of my favourite features is the 'actually adjustable' multi-position/rake rear spoiler.
It's a real shame these seem to be so rare as I would love to have a runner as well.
**Prayers answered!!! WILL be buying the DF03RA re-release of this - about time Tamiya!!**




I've still got to get one of these.. Yours looks soooo nice and I agree, it is the best looking Lancer.


Maxxed Ross


now that is nice!



My FAV too! Looks niiiiice!



I love this car! And Tamiya now re-relase this body on DF-03RA!!!



Thats the best news I've heard in ages!! Time to hammer the credit card again!!

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