Model: (Click to see more) 99986: AYK
Status: Restored
Date: 31-May-2004
Comments: 2
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**PLEASE READ THIS** for anyone looking at this model displayed in my showroom and wondering if I will sell it? PLEASE DON’T ASK!!! I get numerous requests from TC members wanting to buy cars displayed in my Tamiyaclub showroom, and to be honest I get very annoyed when people ask to buy something that is clearly NOT FOR SALE!! This car is part of MY COLLECTION and as such I want to KEEP IT!! So please don’t Email on the off chance that I might sell it to you, if I want to sell any of my cars I will put them up for sale in my TRADE ROOM, so look there to see what cars I am prepared to sell otherwise don’t bother asking cos the only answer you will get is NO!!! thanks for reading this disclaimer. Regards wldnas.


I really like to collect cars that have Pipe-frame body sets, some of which are very rare and this is one of them, the car is an AYK SIDEWINDER, it was AYK's second off road buggy and their first serious attempt at making a proper competition car, as with most AYK cars it’s mostly made of metal and has independent oil dampers all around with threaded spring adjustment collars, the car is fitted with an early AYK competition motor, but the chassis is still missing the odd bits like servo posts and speed controller but the main reason why I wanted one of these cars so badly is the body set… AYK had a habit of doing alternative body sets for their early cars, one body type would always be more popular than the other in these cases, the Sidewinder had a blue Lexan buggy shell and Yellow pipe frame set as it’s alternatives, the Blue buggy versions are common as muck but the Yellow pipe frame cars are extremely rare, I found this by chance as Professorslot was selling it in his TC trade room for 130 Euros, needles to say I jumped at it and managed to secure the car for my collection, the body set was unpainted without decals, but I had a picture of the box top from which I could copy the colours scheme of the car, it’s silver, blue and yellow and I added a little bit of black, once the base colours were done, I got some suitable decals that were like the ones used on the box top picture and tried to apply them as close to the original as possible, that done I needed a finishing touch and that was the addition of a Driver figure fortunately which was readily supplied by my good friend Night Owl, I may try to get this car running at some point but for now I’m just happy to have one in my collection :)


UPDATE: this is something that I've been meaning to do for a while... Todays Date is Tuesday Dec 15th 2009 and its been years since I've done anything with my TC account, these days I'm involved in restoring some things just a bit bigger than RC cars, anyway I acquired a spare body for my AYK sidewinder a number of years ago, its the other alternative lexan buggy body, I saw it on Ebay and just had to have it and got it quite cheap, its in excellent condition and with a few minor alterations it fits right on the chassis and looks like it belongs, so now I effectively have Two cars for the price of one, both versions of the Sidewinder :)

You have no idea just how rare this car is. The AYK mod motor is mid mounted on this car. When it arrived the body was unpainted. The copious use of aluminium is typical of AYK. Body painting started with the base colours. The Box top shows how the car should look. I now have the other Sidewinder body :) Its in very good condition and fits perfectly. Here we see the Buggy body on and pipe body off? And the other way round with the Buggy body off.




Nice paint job!! Good job on that driver Jason. Much better than my geeble attempt !!!


Very nice body work! The deco sticker look like the original one too. Good attempt and well done Jason!

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