Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Restored
Date: 12-Jun-2004
Comments: 9
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This became an off shoot of my Super Champ Project..This Sand Scorcher will be a total MIP aftermaket set up..extended front end all nylon, extended rear axels MIP..plastic cage MIP..will have front and real torshion bars..coil overs on the front and Kyosho shocks with RC-10 coil overs..the tranny is MIP and has the ball diff. Hope to finish the chassis this week..the body will be latter.

Its just about finished..only need the coil overs for the front shocks and get the body painted..It will be black and gold..Had to chop a perfecly good scorcher body but nothing else would look right..It is a Sand Scorcher after all..The front end is actually RHC not MIP...Took Shodogs advice and changed out the bumper to an aftermarket..also added the nurf bars..CRP'S took a day to sand down the welds..Added the coil overs on the front and adjusted the body to fit properly...Body is now finished...Just have to add the wipers and plate the body mount..din't notice they were missing till I took these pictures..

finished chassis Front view Front view Choped SS body to be black and gold... Back view side view




This looks fantastic, the detailing is superb. Looking forward to seeing the Shell completed, going to look very racy!!



oooooooooooooohhhh! Shiney!



Awsome that's one very Sexy SS the rear cage in black goes well but would it not have looked better in gold or would that be OTT? still very nice Great Job



The rear cage is an MIP white nylon..I dyed all the nylon black..If it had been metal it would be gold..



very cool!! i am not really a gold guy, but this looks awesome Nice job!!



Looks like a hill climber...lovely!



simply stunning i've yet to find a more nicer/stuning example of 'desert' racing style bug then this. maybe one day i'll have something that come close to this. though that prob never happen. here's to wishing



That looks Super! Not sure about the big side bars though...?

Crash Cramer


WOW MIP diff, could you confirm my part number in my trades room??? Thanks Crash Cramer

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