Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 25-Jun-2004
Comments: 4
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Just got this from Japan for £30 plus shipping!!!!!! This kit has the same parts as the original. The body even has 1992 and the original kit number moulded into it, the wing and wheel sprues also have the original numbers moulded into them so there's no doubting this is the same.
I have a new built TA01 chassis with the correct blue dampers waiting for this body. I will also buy another kit and build a road car in Red along the style of an EvoII version of the real thing. The EvoII had black stripes and black wheel centres. I also have a few cockpit sets and some Mesh alloy wheels to put on it, so it should look really nice when finished. Even though I have this kit in my hands I still can't actually believe it's ben re-released!!! someone at Tamiya knows what he/she is doing : )
I'll also be buying a Merc 190 when it's realesed next week. Can't go wrong at these prices!!!




30 quid i want one, even if its not a monster



30, thats about 55 in us$ , cheap! tell us your source please



It was 5740 Yen. A friend of mine sent it from Japan. Thats the price with discount, which most shops seem to give.



and meeeee :O

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