Model: (Click to see more) 58328: Gravel Hound
Status: Runner
Date: 25-Jun-2004
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Hi all, today I present an information about the 'DF-02 Aluminum damper set'.

You can see all contents of the 'DF-02 Aluminum-damper set' with following pic 'Fig3'.
From the left...
Two short-parts for rear dampers (X parts for CVA short) - Four short-parts (V parts for famous low friction dampers ) - Fine-finished Shock-bodies and yellow springs( Rate is same as standard). - Large bag includes aluminum pillowballs, piston-rod and Teflon pistons (each four 2 hole and 3 hole), and snap rings - Small bag includes red silicone O rings, Diaphragms (the same as that of a TRF's), Aluminum spring guides.

This damper is longer than stock CVA. (Front +1mm and Rear +5mm)
Aluminum damper which equipped the high quality piston gives good effectiveness.
Its standard-setting (2 holes piston and no. 400 oil) is stiff than No. 800 oil and standard 1 hole piston of standard CVA damper.
There is superb value for money in this Item and it's not so expensive.

Fig1 Fig2 Fig3 Fig4 fig5 Fig6




looks smart, are you gonna build it?



pink n blue, reminds of the bush devil


Yes. I am going to assemble it. And it will participate in a race in July.


Wow! that is an incredible finished Hound!!! Well past the standard of the box art. Youve excelled again.




Thanks James, I painted it to get aggressive-appearance. Cockpit moved forward and looks like 'chopped roof'. I succeeded in showing my car lower than other Hounds.



Since the 'DF-02 aluminum damper' was put on the market at last, I equipped with my Hound. This week I'm trying to make better my car. I summarize some points and let you know.



The car looks diferent painted like that , nice wheels



great work, looks stunning! added to favourites

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