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Date: 27-Jun-2004
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well Woober Goober sent me the missing Screw Bag for my Hot Trick Hotshot well that started me off on the build i think this looks cool and can't wait for the other parts so i can run it but still need a few parts so will have to wait

the car is Fully Ballraced not added a motor yet any idea what i can/should put in it? i'll be getting an ESC for it soon also i don't think the Hotshot body will fit this lol so will need a body, is there an after market body for the hot trick hotshot?

Thanks Woober Goober and Shodog for all your help




Looking good! The shell needs to be a lot wider, would a Schumacher item work?

Woober Goober


That thing looks awesome Barry. The hub carriers on the rear end (where you have the zip strips at) are nothing more than the ball ends and threaded shaft (identical to the steering linkage kit) I was thinking about using some titanium turnbuckles myself; I think they would look better anyways. Looks like the only thing left for the major chassis components are the side rails.



Wow, thats stunning and, well put simply RED!!! looks great fella.



Wow that thing is coming together nicely. I can't wait to see the end product



Thx Guys all i need now is P/N 016 Shocks?,
P/N 043 Rear Upper arms,
P/N 059 Side Rails,
P/N 070 not sure if it's a screw bag i'm sorted,
P/N 100 Rear Alu Wing,
A body can't wait to get it finished

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