Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 10-Jul-2004
Comments: 3
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Runs like a top, great shape! Some sort of aftermarket diff and universals lemme know if ya can tell what they are from the picture, dunno if i'm gonna put the one with the sassie chassis back together or not, old owner took it apart because of normal diff problems




It is a Thorp Dirt burner by looking at the joints, would have to see the inside to be sure. Spendy unit, 70+ US.


Well I would say that the diff is likely made by Thorp. I have those Thorp 'Heavy Duty Hubs' on my 1st LB. I've never heard of Dynamite, Novak never made diffs but Thorp sure as heck did



Thanks Guys, Anyone ever used the Sassy Chassis on the right?

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