Model: (Click to see more) 57701: RTR Pajero Rally Sports (CC)
Status: How To Guide
Date: 17-Jul-2004
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I have had my Pajero a while now and while fun, I felt it could be made into an even better crawler. A search through some other forums found instructions on how to go about fitting much longer shocks to the back with a triangulated upper link setup using turnbuckles. I am getting into crawling and planning a clod project so felt this would ease me into things fairly easily. i therefore decided to buy the parts and attempt to recreate a setup following instructions from one of the forums (see link below). While I used the suggested Traxxas ballends, I decided to also use Traxxas turnbuckles as they are much cheaper than the recommended Associated items. To hold the shocks in position I used Dubro collet which I drilled out a little to fit over the turnbuckles. For shocks I went for some Yokomo MR4 BC rears as a mate had one he was selling at next to nothing. I took a drill to the plastic balls in the ballends to get them over the turnbuckles, a bodge, but it worke! I did however change the way the upper links mount to the axle to a method suggested by another member of the forum (see bottom link). This has got rid of all play in the joint itself although the axle mounted rod end will move under heavy forces. This should be an easy fix with a little super glue though ;) A run round the garden later I was a very happy bunny. The rear is very supple with loads of articulation yet maintains ride height with no problems, success!! 4 link instructions;

Upper link difference;

Lower links Upper links Ubiquitous articulation shot Sits nice and level even with long shocks Testing in the garden All wheels on the deck




very nice work!



Very impressed with the lower and upper link setup. Nice jero

Tamiya Monkey


very good setup may tryout with my new touareg


Can you give me a list of parts to get for that setup, thnks a bunch.



boo your link doesn't work anymore



Thanks for posting the info Just got my first XC and thinking of doing this, how long are the Yokomo shocks you used? Ta Pete



I believe they are 3.5' from memory, the standard size for buggy rears.


I got it nu also it same!
it's work perfect
Mr, tamiya

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