Model: (Click to see more) 58034: Super Champ
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Jul-2004
Comments: 2
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I bought this car from the same guy I bought my 4th Hilux from. When I picked the Hilux up he mentioned he had some other cars for sale. I tried not to ask about them but I couldn't resist - I had to know :)

This car is the result of my question. It's in good used condition but is complete and there's nothing broken on it, apart from the rear bumper/suspension mount.The front bumper is even there. Joy! It's partially ball raced and has been fitted with a 'hot' (relatively speaking) stock motor but I can't tell what it is yet because I can't get it out.

It's very dirty after nearly 20 years of being stored in a garage but will get a clean up before being repaired and run - hopefully at Kidderminster :)



What a great find, Spike !! They're the ones you dream about.! Not too often you find the front bumper in-tact..........!!



You're right Rod. I was chuffed when I saw it

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