Model: (Click to see more) 58002: Martini Porsche 935 Turbo
Status: Restored
Date: 24-Jul-2004
Comments: 9
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This 935 was bought in very poor condition.( Photos in project section). Restoration of the chassis came first . All Parts were stripped straightened and cleaned all screws, nuts and steel parts were replated. New wheels and tyres were fitted and an original speed control was found. Finally a New in box set of Acoms AP227 was fitted and 6V Tamiya battery were installed. this completed the chassis. The body was so bad I had to use an old Display Kit to help me. Most of the new parts are from ebay.
The Body was sprayed then the water slide decals were put on. The next stage is clear coating and rubbing down to a mirror finish. Finally all the window surrounds and detail parts are masked and sprayed in the appropriate colours.
I am glad to have this car in my collection finally.

Chassis Restored Chassis Restoration Part 1




Superb job! Absolutly fabulous. Some fine decal work. Keep up the excellent work!



I saw the original car on ebay, and what a great job of taking a lump of coal and turning it into a diamond!



Stunning job mate, makes me wanna trash mine! :s


An immaculately restored Moby Dick. Awesome fella, well done...!


WOW, i hope mine turns out half as good as this! The chrome finish on the rims really looks excellent, Tamiya should have done them like that 27 years ago.



This car is simply the best 935 or vintage model i have seen.Rhodo



Rad, Every time I come over to see you, this is the car that I seem to spend the most time dribbling over! It is truely stunning, yet another out-standing restoration. Your attention to every last detail is just breath-taking.. It's always a joy to come and visit you GreatMate, and to see what must be one of the highest quality Tamiya RC collections out there.



What a master piece this is! Excellent!



Awesome looking car... I'd love to get a hold of this kit... BEAUTIFUL..

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