Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Project
Date: 25-Jul-2004
Comments: 5
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Now my old box for all my further Sand Scorcher projects is full. So i opened it, displayed all my rather complete chassis on the floor and took some pics for you :) I think i have now enough projects. Bat again the same things are missing, like casual. I have rather no RC box, less bumpers ( god bless i don't like'em very much, rather no dorr handles and of course real no exhausting system. If i would buy me reproduction exhausts for each i would need upto 1000 bucks. Terrible imagination. So enjoy lookin' the pics and start dreamin'




Hi Marc,
der Slogan 'aus zwei mach einen!' muß bei dir heißen 'aus zwanzig mach einen halben!' HAHAHAHAHA



Thats just plain greedy



You got a lot of spare time if you need that many projects i thought i had a lot. i would like that collection myself.


como le hago para contactarte.yo tambien tengo un sand scorcher y me hace solo falta una pieza de mi coche por esa razon no lo e podido mover.radico en Guadalajara jal mi tel es el 38-34-29-42 gracias

skater jase


Thats not fair wot about the rest of us!

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