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Status: Project
Date: 25-Jul-2004
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Another project I'm working on is to make the cheapest possible crawler out of bits and pieces laying about. I have stacks of thundershot parts so they make the ideal base.

I needed huge ground clearance and lower crawler ratio so I'm using a thundershot rear gearbox as a center gearbox/transfer box and then the drive cups from that drive ex-terra scorcher UJ driveshafts which have been modified so that the threaded end is shortened and sleeved to drive the bevel gear in the axle.

The axles are actually thundershot front gearboxes. The blue suspension arms will be replaced by a solid aluminium cross piece spanning hub to hub. However, the neat trick is that it will be bent to keep the maximium droop thereby placing the hubs at a much lower point to the diff unlike normal live axles. This will give greater ground clearance under the axle.

The chassis in this picture is from another project and only used for display purposed to layout the gearboxes. The actual chassis will be wider and shorter to accomodate the Pajero shell. It will also allow the main gearbox to sit lower which will also lower the axles to allow a proper 4 link suspension arrangement to fit.

The tyres/wheels will be WW2 items which is really the largest diameter the thundershot hubs/uprights will safely carry. Not too much stress placed on them though as this will be crawler rather than high speed racer. Articulation will not be as good as the outright mod clods you see but I don't want that, I want a scale level of articulation as I want to fit a detailed scale shell on top and don't want to have to trim huge wheelarches.

All 3 diffs will be locked up and the rear axle will have steering uprights fitted to give a 4WS vehicle too.

Motor will be a 550 drill motor powered by a 9.6v NiCD stick pack. As these drill motors don't consume huge current the whole thing will run off a cheap Mtroniks Sport RV although I may use a Novak Rooster.

Because the output shafts from the main gearbox are already running at a 8.9:1 reduction this then means the further reduction of 2.35:1 in the 'axles' gives an overall 21:1 reduction.


urban warrior


Hi! Nice idea. You may also use the rims and tyres of the TLT-1 Chassis, they are a little bit smaller than the WW2's but offer nearly the same overall features. Cheers Martin

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