Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Extra info
Date: 27-Jul-2004
Comments: 5
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New built Rough Rider from parts..All the brass parts have been gold plated and the Aluminum have been done in Rhodium to match the color of polished aluminim..Added duel shocks and a skid plate...This is what a RR would look like if you could polish all the parts...Well it would look like this for a month..This car will look like this forever..

Have to add the light decals and get the body clear coated..Find someone to paint the little driver and its complete. The Sand Scorcher and Super Champ will be next and the the Ford XLT Ranger..All will have the duel shock system very rare black bumper...I will add a picture of the under chassis latter this week...Thanks for all the nice comments...

Body will get a clear coat this week. Duel Shocks and shinny Black front bumper..The next three will have black Hardest to get right is the tranny case.. New built un plated next to the finished one Under chassis with skid plate




what a gem!! I love the look of the plating, and the rear shocks look awesome!!



Wow that looks fantastic. It even has the superrare black bumper

Rothmans Racing Team


I think this is my favorite chassis Jerry. I really like the way you stuck to the original colors of the metals, just making them super shiny. This really, really looks superb! Nice work!



Exellent work Jerry!!! Again!



Thats the best looking rough rider ive seen.

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