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Status: Project
Date: 1-Aug-2004
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Many thanks to Twinset who supplied the Traxxas splined sliding propshafts which are ideal.

This project is to build a Clod beating crawler/monster truck using thundershot parts wherever possible to keep costs down. All the chassis, suspension arms, 4 links etc will be homemade from bar/channel available from B&Q or homebase.

The center diff has been locked up and then drilled thru to suit a 5mm shaft. The shaft itself is a standard thundershot rear gearbox shaft with flats both ends. The shaft was then pinned into the locked diff and glued for added strength. The traxxas propshafts then sit nicely on the ends with grub screws securing for the moment.

The central gearbox and motor have now been mounted in the chassis very securely.

As you can see from the pics the ground clearance is nearly 4' despite only running on 4' diameter tyres. Approach and departure angles are 85 degrees.

Shell will be a custom Land Rover shell with full interior detail.

Tyres will be Imex claws and HPI MT Mesh wheels.

The rear axles are now solid live axles, the arms have been locked in place by a triangulation rod, seen in the pics as the blue ball ends. These are terra scorcher upper arms. They can be adjusted in length to alter the fixed droop of the axle. This is far superior to a normal live axle as the under diff clearance is now huge.

More pics to follow soon as I progress. I hope to have the axles and 4 link suspension finished next weekend although the shocks are still on order.

Traxxas sliding propshafts Great under chassis clearance Homemade suspension arms/fixed live axle thundershot front gearboxes used as transaxles Thundershot rear gearbox used as transfer box with locked center diff




Looks promising mate, cant wait to see the end result.



I Like it, can't wait to see more! Nice bit of ingenious engineering.

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