Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Restored
Date: 9-Sep-2002
Comments: 5
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This baby has cost me a 'LOT' of money. But, I don't care! It's 'AS NEW' & Gorgeous!
I was going to restore my own, But it would cost so much money to start restoring with new parts, I thought this would be the best way, Buy it already done!! Not as much fun though!

UPDATE: Just fitted a NEW black bumper, Don't ask how much! Also finished the body off with a bit of extra painting etc.

Paint has now cracked all over body so needs a re-paint! Such a shame :-(

Black bumper & tyres painted.. Looks BETTER!!!!!!!




absolute peach moosey! looks like you've had this a while now. Only just noticed it, your right about bumpers though! Cherry on the cake expensive as it is LOL



Looks brilliant mate. I've gotta do me a shelf queen like this. Just superb....

tuff bug


Thats the best Ive seen so far

sand man


looks good



lovely job!!

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