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Status: Project
Date: 4-Aug-2004
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Well, I haven't done much on this project as I've been away on business for the last few days but while I was away these Recaro seats arrived from Hong Kong. £6 each including shipping! As you can see they are exactly 1/10th scale and look perfect for any project vehicle. (Cheers to Volksrod/Twinset for the seat idea!)

Also went a bit mad with the dremel and cut off most of the upper section from a Kamtec Land Rover shell to leave the most scale looking parts. When finished it will be NATO green with all the extras, radio masts, jerry can holders etc plus a full roll cage (bolted to chassis from brazed tube) and my lovely wife is sewing me together a full canvas tilt :-)

All the cab interior will be fully detailed as will the rear cargo bed. The battery will sit in a custom housing beneath the cargo bed floor between the chassis rails. The ESC and RX will sit under the bonnet which will also be cut off and fitted with proper hinges as will the doors. I am also mounting a fan on the front chassis behind the grill, slotting the grill to allow air flow too. This will cool the ESC.

The action figure shown here is another 1/10th scale find, toys'r'us sell them. Wifey will be making a full set of camo gear for him. As the vehicle will be a rag top and with the sides rolled up it would look silly driving around without a driver so this one seems good enough.

Stay tuned, 4 link install to follow at the weekend. I also have some IMEX Swamp Dawg, Claw Dawg and G-Hawg tyres coming with some very nice HPI rims......

Recaro mobile phone holders look the part Homemade chassis is quite Land Rover'esque These monster trucks are difficult to climb into!




WOOW ! One of the nicest projects I´ve seen in a loooong time ! But don´t just sit there ,get on with it !!! B~) Cinnamon SWEDEN



Nice project cant wait to see it finished .



yup, addicted big time; 'Wifey will be making a full set of camo gear for him' . I think my driver has a 4.2 inch chest and 3.2 inch inside leg if she does 'orders'. Tried off the shelf gear, but the cut of the trousers is all wrong


looking for l/rover shell for tamiya tlo1can u help



The shell is from Kamtec, [Click here], they also do ones to suit TL01.

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