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Status: Project
Date: 8-Aug-2004
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Got the suspension geometry finally sorted and assembled the prototype arms etc.

Ignore the 'rough and ready' appearance of the arms at the moment, once I have the whole thing working and tested I'll take it all apart and replace with new, properly finished pieces, nicely mirror polished.

The first thing made this weekend was the main central crossmember, this was made from 2mm thick aluminium plate, bent to shape and bolted to chassis with 4 x M4 bolts.

Next came the trailing arms. These are 8mm aluminium bar, drilled and tapped both ends for M4 thread. M4 rod was then cut to length and fixed in place and this suits the rod ends which are actually Vanquish upper arm items which are stronger than the terra scorcher upper arms. This chassis is being built from scratch and geometry had to be guesstimated on the fly so in the end these arms are the second set and they are still too long by some 5mm although there is some adjustment in the ball ends.

Now as this will be a Land Rover when finished I wanted to recreate the trailing arm/a frame arrangement as closely as possible. Sadly the A frame is more difficult to do than a simple 4 link. However after several hours of faffing around I managed to fabricate one and get the geometry correct. The A frame is made from 10mm dia aluminium bar. The spherical rod end is actually a sliced off chunk of Vanquish rear arm with the 10mm ball which gives loads of strength and excellent articulation. The upper ends of the frame are mounted on a brass tube which has M5 threaded rod running thru it and secured either side of chassis. The chassis was also boxed at this point to prevent the rod bending.

The A frame location on the axle is very rough and ready at the moment although it works extremely well and there is no 'side to side' movement of the axle at all, it is very rigid.

Next job will be the shock mounts but the shocks (Juggernaught hop-up items) are still on order.

As you can see from the pictures articulation is excellent, better than hoped for. This won't diminish by much either once the shocks are fitted.

Thanks once again to TWINSET for the traxxas sliding propshafts, they are very definitely required as it uses almost 15mm of slide for this amount of articulation. I had to shorten the shafts by 10mm to suit the wheelbase of 290mm.

So far I'm very happy with this project and it shows what can be done for very little money. I am also doing the whole thing with nothing more than a junior hacksaw, 6' bench vice, drill and dremel plus other small handtools such as file, screwdrivers etc.

Total cost so far: £30 for thundershot gearcases, £12 for Kamtec Land Rover shell, £20 for aluminium rod and channel from B&Q, £12 recaro seats, £5 for 550 motor, £8 for vanquish parts = £87

Little Thunderfoot with big brother....




You got my full sympathy, mate! Seeing this makes me smile. I have never ever thought that one could use Thundershot gearcases for a vehicle, which is mostly called modclod. Using the known name scheme from the Clodbuster on your vehicle, you should call it 'Modthunder'. Well, Thunderfoot is also suitable. ;o)



Looks very good your progressing well, makes a change from a modded clodbuster. Im trying to think something up for spare front and rear end of a rough rider i have .I cant wait to see the finshed chassis and body .



Many thanks Guys, I am not too keen on mod clods myself as most bare no resemblance to a real vehicle. I always loved the Tamiya 3spd for realism but sadly the suspension is pretty awful and the bounciness lets it down. I wanted to try and create a reasonable scale looking chassis but with near Mod Clod ability. Also as I'm broke it had to be cheap too!



Thats going to be some great ground clearance!
I am impressed with your thinking outside the box here, nice work.

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