Model: (Click to see more) 56204: Cruiser Yacht Yamaha 40EX
Status: Runner
Date: 9-Aug-2004
Comments: 4
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Won on Unfortunately I had very bad surprises... First the seller (registered on ebay UK) didn't tell me that item will be sent from Honk Kong. Had more than 100 euros of surcharge to pay to be delivered. Then at delivery I noticed that box was damaged, the customs cutted the packaging box, then the kit box from below! Instead of opening the packaging then opening normally the kit box. More stupid guy cannot exist! Incredible. Will post pic tonight, it is so amazing.

The way the f..... Belgian customs badly use to do otherwise, it's a nice sailing boat




It's horrorstories like this which give me second thoughts about ordering abroad... :s


I posted a warning about this seller in the 'Forums'. He sells cheap items ok but does not say they come from HK, leaving buyers to pay heafty charges. 'Coffindodgers' is his ebay id... BE WARNED. Nice build though!!



Not so cheap: 128£ shipping excluded. Others from Honk Kong sell it around 100£. At least it's a nice looking sailing boat.

Crash Cramer


If I could suggest a different shipper from HK, I would suggest 'Dinball' He is honest and fair in price and ships quickly. I don't have customs taxes or other levys here in the states, but I think his prices are low enough to help with the surcharges you have to pay over there.

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