Model: (Click to see more) 58309: Twin Detonator
Status: New built
Date: 27-Aug-2004
Comments: 2
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I built this car only a few weeks ago (mid August 2004). I've took it for a spin in the garden and thats about all up to now. .. Its all original kit, hoping to improve things on it soon. Paintwork worked out pretty well even though it was a rush job. I sprayed the red paint first, and while it was still wet I spayed the silver paint, allowing the silver to bleed through. Close up the paint work looks amazing as it looks very very metallic, but it can't be picked up well on camera. I left the flame decals off as this makes it look silly and cheap. ... (I'm looking for a rear & front crome bumper. If you have one for sale then please contact me)

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Very nice one,



Hi to YOU!!
try the deeeep water, mine can do that job!
no mods! full risk! TD is born to make fun!!
Cheers Marty

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