Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Extra info
Date: 30-Aug-2004
Comments: 2
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Really looking forward to ripping into this NIB kit. Won't be NIB for long...Thanks Emmanuel ( Ok chassis done, and body masked for the detail bits. A right pain in the backside I might add, I love looking at the curves of a 911, but they are certainly tough to mask. Not going to do it in black anymore, metallic red seems more appropriate. Will post the finished job shortly.




How's that build coming along?


Your killing me! I just laid eyes on this kit shown in the 'trade room' at the other day. i had /have to have one. then I realized that was a two year old entry! Now I realize you could have it yourself! Help! I ll keep looking. Till I find one.

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