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Status: Project
Date: 2-Sep-2004
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Finally got the suspension geometry sorted out after many hours of trial and error. In keeping with the spirit of the project - to keep costs low and to utilise thundershot parts wherever possible - I used Thundershot rear shocks and terra scorcher front shocks. The cantilevers are thundershot front shock mounts. All the brass pivots are thundershot shock fixings. The rear shocks have longer rods fitted, the pistons have been drilled out to give softer damping.

I have still got to box the front A frame in and fit aluminium skid plates and the steering servo.

I have got to replace most of the screws and bolts with decent new ones, I have been using the dregs of my spares box at the moment to keep costs down. It works but isn't pretty.

HPI MT Mesh wheels were fitted along with Imex swamp dawg tyres

Cross axle articulation is currently 7' but after the battery packs and radio equipment is fitted that should increase to 8'. The chassis is too light at the moment to compress the stock thundershot/terra scorcher springs. I will be running 10 cells so that will add some weight. Even so I'm quite happy with the articulation which is far superior to anything that tamiya produce in stock form.

Next job is to rebuild the gearboxes with new bearings, tune and grease the sliding propshafts and test drive the chassis. Then work begins on the Land Rover shell.

Total cost so far £98


14.4v RS550SH motor

2.2 inch HPI wheels

2.2 inch x 4.75 inch dia Imex Swamp dawg tyres

21:1 reduction gearing (will be 58.8:1 soon)

Total cross axle articulation: 7 inches (8.5 inch possible)

Under chassis clearance: 4 inches

front diff clearance: 2 inch (adjustable to 2.5 inch)

rear diff clearance: 2.5 inch (adjustable to 3 inch)

Approach angle: 80 degrees

Departure angle: 87 degrees

Ramp breakover angle: 44 degrees

Weight: 2.4Kg without radio, battery or roll cage.

Angle of Tip (with battery/radio gear): 46 degrees

Wheelbase: 290mm




Quality - If you need screws, lemme know chap, we'll get that £98 up easy



Looking good now its coming along well .



I place my vote for the most original special build vehicle of the year!! great job Ian!

Tamiya UK


that is good, can't wait to see it finished. Your love of Thundershot parts is quite scary though!



Looks like a crawling event is needed sometime in the near future! I do agree with Tamiya UK though, you do have a serious Thundrshot fetish



Thanks for comments guys, reason for thundershot parts is because I have thousands of them in stock so it saves me buying them. Most of my runners are thundershot based buggies etc so it keeps a standard platform. I just find it easier that way rather than holding lots of different parts for different cars.

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