Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Project
Date: 6-Sep-2004
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Well strictly speaking it was about the 10th test run as the first 9 were plagued with teething troubles...

Anyway, these pictures are to accompany the movie I've just posted. None of these were setup, the vehicle drove into, over and out of all obstacles as the video shows.

The pair of 7.2v packs are temporary until I get a nice 8 cell saddle pack made up which will allows for less weight and better weight distribution. Carrying around an extra battery purely for balance isn't too clever!

The ESC and RX are just loosely strapped in while we did the test runs. No point in mounting anything properly until I've ironed out the teething issues and worked out where I need the weight distributed etc.

We got 10mins runtime from the 7.2v 1400 pack (not bad considering they are over 5 years old and have been charged hundreds of times. Motor and ESC only lukewarm.

We tried with Sanyo 8.4v 2000 pack and got 15mins runtime although ESC and motor got a tad warm.

Tried using 9.6v 2000 packs and got 12mins but had to stop as ESC and motor were getting very hot. The rooster isn't designed to cope with 8 cells.

Electrics loosely strapped on for testing Decent ramp breakover/under chassis clearance Crossing the chasm and climbing the wood pile articulation of rear end articulation of front end another ditch crossing




How long beffore you start offering to build these for people ,who needs clodbuster axles i weould buy one looks briliant now you have it running.



Many thanks Amigamad. I'll wait until I have it all finished and refined and then I'll put up a parts list/drawings of all the custom parts. There isn't actually that many custom parts really, maybe 30 or so. Rest is stock thundershot. I've already started designing the next version though with longer wheelbase, even greater ground clearance and twin motors, still using thundershot parts



like projects like yours. there should be more of them on TC.
come on guys: let´s have a look at our old parts: gentlemen start your/our old parts!!!!

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