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Date: 7-Sep-2004
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Dodge Stratus bodyshells for my touring car this year. In the top picture on the left is the HPI Stratus Aero2, good for lots of downforce, and on the right is a Protoform Startus 2, for low drag and high speed. Paintwork is all my own mainly using Pactra paints although the white front sections are painted with Tamiya white as it sticks to the shell better. The metallic blue metalflake colour is made by spraying with Pactra Candy Blue then backing it with Hot Bodies Silver. Tried the Hot Bodies spray cans on these bodies for main colours and they seem to be very good paints that I would recommend to everyone.

Its all paint On my touring car Painted RCLab logo 1 Wonderful metallic blue




Quality paintjobs terrysc, I really like the blue stripes on the roof, and the tribal flames on the other shell have come out really well.


Thanks, the blue stripes were supposed to be more of a fade, but they have come out nice. The tribal flames are my usual design, across the rear of the body so the front is solid white - makes it easier to see on the track.

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