Model: (Click to see more) 58061: Striker
Status: NIB
Date: 8-Sep-2004
Comments: 2
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OK, so it is a nasty car but it was cheap on Ebay. It is not like I am going to build it so I can admire it as it is and forget the shortcomings of the buggy itself.

The manual had loads of Tamiya hop-up paperwork with it which I suppose was there from new. It all seems rather pointless hopping up this buggy but there you go.




Hehe.. This was my first 'real-rc' car.. Back in 1988 I think. Sold it, (un)fortunately...

Dannie Boy


Looks nice to me! I'm out of work dur to Kidney failure so I can only dream of buying NIB Tamiya's?
'Be proud of it'
Regards from Dan.

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