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Status: Project
Date: 11-Sep-2004
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After many hours of use I've refined the design some more.

First thing to be added was this 3.1:1 reduction gearbox. It was bought from my LHS for £27. It is designed for model aeroplanes but works fine in the truck. This gives me an overall reduction gearing of 65:1 which is VERY slow. This gives very fine control when tackling extreme terrain and has made rollovers much less common :-)

The unit is a JP part no. 5510333 check out their web site

The other major benefit of this reduction unit is that it gives HUGE runtimes from your battery. I can now achieve 45mins+ from an old Tamiya 1400 NiCD, the entire runtime being spent climbing and crawling over obstacles, some near/at stalling point of motor.

The reduction unit is ver ygood quality and comes with hardened gears, hardened 4mm dia main shaft and fitted with ball bearings throughout. It also comes with a hardened steel pinion for the motor which is a push fit onto the motor shaft. I used a vice to gently push it on, making sure I had the other end of the motor shaft in the other jaw so no damage to motor. The reduction unit uses a 4mm shaft so I had to drill out a standard pinion to fit that for driving my thundershot gearbox. I made a jig and drilled the hole out using a pillar drill to ensure reasonably good alignment of the hole.

I also got this little pinion puller kit for £9 which is superbly made and allows the removal of push fit pinions with ease causing no damage to the motor.

The final change was to the tyres, the standard Swamp Dawg tyres while being extremely good were lacking traction when trying to climb vertical steps. I simply removed the small blocks from the tyre leaving just the bigger blocks and causing a larger void. This allows the bigger blocks to bite into the surface. It works extremely well and has made a huge difference to performance.

RS550SH high torque motor/Inline reduction g'box makes overall motor assembly quite long! Special puller tool for push fit pinions Modified the Swamp Dawg treads



Liking the home engineering! I've got one of those pinion pullers too (the smaller size one) - great for Mini-T pinions. Those driveshaft angles look extreme though... any binding?



Driveline angles are fine, looks worse here because no battery installed so no weight to compress springs and thus reduce angles. Movies in moves section show how well it works.



Over here in the states guys cut the Supper Swampers Boggers that same way I have even cut a set that i had at one time like that too it realy helps..

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